• I searched the repo with "LQFP48" to find similar boards and some clues. I found that Olmexino and Maple mini are the only boards with this package and they both have a special get_pins function. Maybe this solves my problem?

    def get_pins():
      pins = pinutils.scan_pin_file([], 'stm32f103xb.csv', 6, 10, 11)
      # Olimexino/Maple pins have stupid names
      pinmapping = {
        'D0' :'PA3',
        'D1' :'PA2',
        'D2' :'PA0',
        'D3' :'PA1',
        'D4' :'PB5',
        'D5' :'PB6',
        'D6' :'PA8',
        'D7' :'PA9',
        'D8' :'PA10',
        'D9' :'PB7',
        'D15':'PC0', # shared with A0-A15
        'D38':'PC9', # for button
        'D39':'PC12', # for USB disc
        'D40':'PA11', # for USB dm
        'D41':'PA12', # for USB dp
      newpins = []
      for newname in pinmapping:
    #    print newname
        pin = pinutils.findpin(pins, pinmapping[newname], True)
        pin["name"] = "P"+newname
        pin["sortingname"] = newname[0] + newname[1:].rjust(2,'0')
      # Because 'pinmapping' is NOT stored in order!!!
      newpins = sorted(newpins, key=lambda pin: pin["sortingname"])
    #  print(json.dumps(newpins, sort_keys=True, indent=2))
      return newpins

    I pasted it to get__pins function in my file, but now I get this error on build. How can i get more info on what happened?

    Generating platform configs
    Generating pin info
    make: *** [gen/platform_config.h] Error 1

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