• is it possible to store some code on 128kb chip?

    Yes, absolutely. There's not much space available, but it's enough - besides, there's not too much RAM either :)

    I think you'll need the PIN_NAMES_DIRECT command - because it looks like Port C probably only has 3 pins in it, despite JSH_PORTC_COUNT being 16? I'd only know if you posted the whole .c file to be sure though.

    Either way that should affect the UART, since it's on port A which is earlier in the pin array.

    Honestly I'm not too sure what to suggest at this point - maybe check gen/platform_config.h and make sure everything looks ok - but if it does then really you need to look at a debugger. You could start adding jshPinSetValue(LED1_PININDEX,1); type commands in the code to try and get an idea of whether it's actually running or not I guess.


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