• I added this to the info block

     'default_console' : "EV_SERIAL1",
     'default_console_tx' : "A9",
     'default_console_rx' : "A10",

    And this to the Makefile list


    With no effect, unfortunately.

    By the way, I checked the CSV table stm32f103xb.csv from which it scans the pins from

    And they look correct.

    I found something interesting. This 6, 10, 11 offset numbers in get__pins function. I never changed them, I just copied them from VLDISCOVERY file. Maybe they need to be changed as well because my chip package is different? But i cant figure out how they work

    def get_pins():
          pins = pinutils.scan_pin_file([], 'stm32f103xb.csv', 6, 10, 11)
          return pinutils.only_from_package(pinutils.fillĀ­_gaps_in_pin_list(pins), chip["package"])

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