• Thanks for a quick response and your awesome project, @Gordon.

    I set the LED1 to A13. My devices block looks like this

    devices = {
      'OSC' : { 'pin_1' :  'D0',
                'pin_2' : 'D1' },
      'LED1' : { 'pin' : 'A13' },

    Indeed, the LED makes one really short flash when the board is powered on. Looks like Espruino is there, but minicom connection to UART is still silent. As far as I know, if the bit rate is mismatched you should get at least some weird ASCII symbols instead of data. But I get nothing. I reduced the number of variables to 400 just to be sure. Also, I added this two lines

     'default_console_tx' : "A9",
     'default_console_rx' : "A10",

    Not sure if they really change something for the build. I copied them from the original Espruino board config.

    400 variables are still more than enough for me. I need to blink some LEDs and control some transistors. By the way, can my chip store some code at all? I really like the idea of programming a chip with js, I can't wait to make it work)


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