• There are now a few new products in the Espruino store!

    MDBT42Q Breakout


    I've used the MDBT42Q module in both Puck.js and Pixl.js - it's an awesome bit of kit with Bluetooth LE, 64k of RAM and 512k of Flash in an amazingly low-power package.

    I've been selling just the module (pre-programmed with Espruino) for a while, but it's not very friendly for soldering.

    This is it on a breakout board - nice and easy to use, has a voltage regulator that'll run up to 16v and is powerful enough to support an ESP8266 for WiFi, has 2 LEDs, and a button.

    Available here

    DIY Beacon Kit

    beacon kit

    I've had a few people say "I really like Puck.js, but for my use-case I need this type of sensor on it". Now you can make your own!

    I've packaged up all the hard to source components together, so all you need to do is take the example design, tweak it to fit your needs, then assemble it all together and you have a professional-looking beacon.

    It's available here

    Other things

    There's also:

    • White covers for Puck.js
    • Back covers for Puck.js - if you're tempted to drill holes in your Puck.js case for wires or to screw it onto something, now it's only £2 to get a spare.

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