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  • Sounds great! Bit scary about the smoking wires though!

    Still, the relay module is really good at isolating everything so as long as the smoke is on the screw terminal side you don't have much to worry about with the Espruino board :)

    I don't know how you're moving the door, but if you only need rotation of up to 180 degrees then you could look at using a RC servo motor. They have the position encoder and drive electronics in them so they're nice and easy, and they come in a variety of sizes/strengths.

    If you need linear movement then I've also seen people stick a threaded bar on the end of a motor, and then attach the thing that moves to a nut on the bar. You'd have to be careful there though because if a chicken got caught in it, it might not stop!

    If you're after power for stuff outside, you could look at using a 12v battery (either an old car battery or a burglar alarm/UPS one) and a solar panel - it's pretty easy to get a weatherproof solar panel designed for keeping car batteries topped up. That's what I do for an Espruino plant waterer I have set up anyway :) It's also pretty easy to get 12v->5v converters from eBay that are meant for cars/caravans, so you could run everything off one of those if you need the lower voltage for the motor.


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