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  • Hey! I'm glad we're making progress here! (even if I haven't lifted a finger yet ;-)

    If I read you right, I could test the rounding issue in JS which would be great as I could try a range of chars, tweak the values quickly and then let you take care of all the messy firmware build stuff (another smiley)

    I think you got the gist of my rounding comment.+128 is clearly the halfway point but I suspect that tweaking that cut off value will also improve things. If you've ever used photoshop/gimp and had to adjust the antialiasing of the font rendering (crisp vs smooth), that's what this is all about. My hunch is that making the rounding conservative (e.g. only pixels >60% grey into black instead of 50%) might give you a better outcome.

    Let me know what works for you. If you think this is a simple C fix you can make in the rendering engine we might just be done. If you'd like me to tweak and test the rounding value in JS, happy to oblige.



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