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  • Found this interesting tidbit in a thread some months back:

    Just to add, there's some very cool Nordic stuff just around the corner that I may well end up doing something with too. I think there's a good likelihood that LTE-M will roll out across a whole bunch of countries very quickly.

    I've been secretly hoping for an Espruino board based on nRF91, so if this happens I'd be first in line to buy a few!

    I know nRF91 is not production ready yet, but planned to be released later this year if I'm not mistaken. Is it still something you're just considering, or do you have concrete plans for doing something with it?

    LTE M/NB-IoT is being rolled out at the end of the year here in Norway, which is nicely timed with the release of nRF91. Safe to say, I'd be very interested in an Espruino product with nRF91 some time thereafter :)

    Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help, or if you're interested in hearing what I'm looking for in an LTE M/NB-IoT solution like this.


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