• Great! Sounds like there was already some code in memory from something else that might have been keeping Espruino too busy.

    where should I use this: require("Storage").eraseAll()?

    All you need to do is copy&paste it on the left-hand side. No need to add it to onInit as that'll remove any saved program code on boot (so if you power off & on the WiFi the code will be gone).

  • So, finally I did a lot of different tests with Amperka library.
    I can not fully avert "FIFO_full" error. But I managed to adapt my code (exclude some options) to avoid crash of WiFi connections.

    1. I start initialisating of sensors with delay after the module has established connection to the server
    2. I do noy use on "pulse" listener. I suppose this function consumes lots of memory

      flowSensor[0].on('pulse', function () {})

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