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  • Espruino 1v98 has now been released - it includes:


    • Fixing the TCP/IP networking issues (eg. double-connect) that we had in 1v97
    • Added Graphics.setFontAlign for font alignment and rotation
    • Software I2C bitrate and waveform now more accurate
    • Default I2C bitrate raised to 100kbit/sec from 50kbit/sec
    • Saved firmware images are no longer loaded if they don't correspond to the firmware version (fixes crashes/strange behaviour after firmware update if no reset is done)
    • dump() now correctly outputs code sent with E.setBootCode
    • parseInt/parseFloat can now be used on very long strings as long as the line doesn't overflow
    • Puck.js/Pixl.js - memory leak on NRF.connect fixed
    • Puck.js/Pixl.js - New NRF.setAddress will change the device's MAC address
    • Memory leak on exception in rejected promise fixed
    • Extra robustness checks added based on fuzzing of Espruino codebase
    • Fixed exception handling inside switch statements
    • Fixed function return inside catch block

    ESP32/ESP8266 port

    • Bluetooth LE support added to ESP32
    • ESP32 updated to esp-idf v3.0
    • ESP8266 wifi state now stored in Storage - this frees up an extra page for even more saved code.
    • Crypto.SHA1 on low-end ESP8266s
    • ESP8266/32 WiFi callbacks now use the same style as other platforms (plus better reference documentation)
    • ESP32 fixed accidental UART3 initialisation

    A big thanks to @opichals, @JumJum, @Wilberforce and @MaBe for their work on the networking and
    ESP32/ESP8266 side of things. Especially @JumJum for the epic amount of work needed to get BLE on ESP32 :)


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