• Ahh, sorry - the double event listeners on TCP issue is something that we spotted yesterday and that literally just got fixed 15 minutes ago. I'll be doing a new release (1v98) with it in soon, but new firmwares from https://www.espruino.com/binaries/travisĀ­/master/ have a fix in.

    However could you provide any more info on how the FIFO_FULL message comes about? Is it during upload? It's caused when there are too many characters/input events coming in to Espruino WiFi for it to handle.

    What was the older firmware that worked for you? The FIFO_FULL checking and message has been around for a while, but we recently added flow control to Espruino WiFi to avoid losing characters from the ESP8266, it will now stop the ESP8266 from sending data if the fifo is looking full.

    Could it be:

    • You have sensors on B6/B7 (the default UART pins), but you haven't put USB.setConsole(1) in onInit? If so they could be causing lots of garbage data to be coming in to Serial1
    • You're using setWatch on a pin that changes state very quickly, most of the time (eg. 1kHz or so)

    If you're able to share your code (or a subset of it that exhibits the problem - ideally without requiring external hardware to be connected) I can take a look and try and figure out what the problem is.


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