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  • For the last few years I have sold Espruino boards via Tindie, which has worked out pretty well.

    However there are a few issues - like a lack of non-dollar currencies, having to go to a different website to buy, and most of all, the lack of tax calculations. I've had to charge 20% extra to everyone regardless of whether you were in the EU or not, which artificially inflates the price for non-EU citizens.

    So I've decided to launch Over time I'll add more products - for instance starter kits - but right now it's got all the Espruino boards, as well as:

    • The new Espruino Pixl.js - it's not in stock just yet, but is in production and I should have stock before 15 May. I've decided to take preorders for it so I have a better idea of demand.
    • Pre-programmed Bluetooth MDBT42 modules
    • As well as accessories like the Puck.js covers

    Please take a look! for the first week I'm offering 15% off if you use the code HELLOWORLD at checkout - first week is now over I'm afraid. You'll still find the shop good value though!


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