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  • @allObjects when you upload code via the 'Save on send' method it's all executed after upload, so I don't think that's such a big deal.

    Uploading with 'save on send', function code can be kept in flash, but variables can't. So for anything big it's best to write a function that just returns the data - then it'll be loaded into RAM only when needed. (or you could use Storage).

    @CMSpooner the issue you hit is probably because you were also experimenting with using Storage as well, or perhaps the 2 different types of 'Save on Send'? Espruino can get in a position where there are multiple bits of information in storage, but there's not enough RAM available to read all the stored data in and compact it - so it can't do anything without potentially losing things. In that case you'd have to manually erase like you did.

  • That makes a lot of sense! I pulled from github and wanted to make sure I had the most recent version of the IDE and couldn't remember which save on send I had. Thanks for the great support. I can't wait to have the kids at STEM camp playing with these!


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