• That kit is fine, a little bit expensive though if you are not planning to connect the board on a screen (and the card is 4GB, which can be a problem if you install lot of things). All you need is the bare board and a microUSB->USB cable (same you use to charge the phone) if you are going to connect it to a laptop/PC, or a 5V wall charger if you want to plug it on mains.

    I don't know anything about android, but the general idea is that you would advertise temperature and light level of the Puck every 30 minutes, and read those values from Raspberry Pi. That is done by installing and running EspruinoHub on the Pi. Then you use Node-Red, which make it super easy to take those values coming from the Puck and do something with them, for example store them on Firebase and use them from there on your app.

    I am struggling myself with all these as I am new to most of it, but EspruinoHub + Node-Red help a lot, once you start using them things will come along.


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