• If you're using Android, iOS or Mac OS I'd suggest Web Bluetooth.

    There's an example here that would be perfect: http://www.espruino.com/Web+Bluetooth+Da­shboard#realtime-dashboard

    Where it says:

    connection.write("setInterval(function()­{Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify({light­:Puck.light()}));},100);NRF.on('disconne­ct', function() {reset()});\n",

    change it to:

    connection.write("setInterval(function()­{Bluetooth.println(JSON.stringify({light­:Puck.light(), temp:E.getTemperature()}));},1000);NRF.o­n('disconnect', function() {reset()});\n",

    However I seem to recall you're on win 10? If so web bluetooth will be available in a few months but it's not there yet and @Pi's advice is spot on


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