• Hi,

    I am trying to use a FS on SD Card with a NRF52. I compiled the image for the nrf52dk target , taking care to add the filesystem feature to it. this works (I have access to function E.connectSDCard() ).
    I am using software SPI (var ThingySpi=new SPI();):

    This doesn't work. CS pin correctly goes down when a communication occurs, SCK line sends multiple pulses (8 at a time) but nothing goes out of MOSI. By calling getPinMode it tells me that the pin is "output", that seems to be correct for a software SPI.
    By calling digitalWrite() I can correctly put it high or low. edges are very clean (verified with a scope).
    Then I tried to call ThingySpi.write(0xFF) and this time, the data correctly went out of MOSI.

    My question is then: Can the SD/FS module run on top of software SPI?

    ps: The same setup on another board (by example my STM32F4DISCOVERY with a custom build with added filesystem feature) works perfectly.