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  • Nice - thanks!

    There will definitely be an nRF52840 port because I'm planning on releasing an nRF52840-based board, and I'm aiming to bring Bluetooth Mesh to Espruino as well (even on nRF52832 devices like Puck.js).

    Actually getting that going on the Particle board should be trivial and I can provide some pointers, however I'm afraid I wouldn't be building/hosting firmwares myself for other people's hardware unless Particle were willing to help support it like Seeed/Ruuvitag/ST/etc do, so if you wanted custom builds you'd still have to do them yourself.

    It's a pain but it's just what I'm having to do now - since it's all open, what I build and host on is about the only leverage I've got to encourage companies to help support my work on it.

    Just to add, there's some very cool Nordic stuff just around the corner that I may well end up doing something with too. I think there's a good likelihood that LTE-M will roll out across a whole bunch of countries very quickly.

  • @Gordon I love flexibility of Espruino and how PuckJS enabled me to explore various scenarios. However next education and PoC goal for me would be mesh networks like BlueTooth Mesh and (Open)Thread.

    Are you getting closer to releasing nRF52840 (MDBT50Q?) board and bringing Nordic nRF mesh SDK features to Espruino JavaScript world, please?


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