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  • Sorry - your information is a little vague if you want help with this!

    I tried with both 1v95 and 1v94 and none worked.

    Did you get the crash with 1v95?

    Posting your code might help.

    I tried just choosing a different pin aswell, and then i got

    Ok. What pin and did yout try? What are you testing?

    For the analogRead see here:­d-write-example

    You should refer to the pins at the D numbers. The pins on the board may be numbered differently. Espruino uses the chip pin numbering for the esp32.

    To read ADC0:

  • I got the same error with both versions of Espruino.
    My code is

        var dht = require("DHT11").connect(D22);
        function onInit() {
            setInterval(function () {
       (a) {
            }, 3000);

    When a try pin D22 i get the error that i posted in the top post. Guru meditation.. When i try randomly reading pin D17 with the DHT11 module i get the answer


    When i do a analogRead() On pin D22 i get

    E (221702) RTC_MODULE: /mnt/c/Users/rhys/esp32/edge/EspruinoBui­ldTools/esp32/build/esp-idf/components/d­river/./rtc_module.c:554 (adc1_config_channel_atten):ADC Channel Err
    E (221707) RTC_MODULE: /mnt/c/Users/rhys/esp32/edge/EspruinoBui­ldTools/esp32/build/esp-idf/components/d­river/./rtc_module.c:581 (adc1_get_voltage):ADC Channel Err

    Sadly i cannot follow the actual pin to the sensor premounted on the board.. But from a look at other projects they use pin 22.


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