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  • The esp8266 has limited ram, and only 12k is left after the interpreter and operating system.

    If you minimize the code before uploading, you may be able to get it to fit.

    What is the code you are trying to load? It seems quite large.

  • Code here, it's management of climate monitoring via telegram api, at this moment - work wine, but i want keep subscribers and notify them when necessary.

    At this moment free space in esp for additional methods is end, and i dont have idea how to fix it.

    Here MaBe proposes to use "eval" and keep code inside unused flash memory:

      { "addr": 487424, "length": 4096 },
      { "addr": 524288, "length": 4096 },
      { "addr": 1011712, "length": 36864 },
      { "addr": 1048576, "length": 3129344 }

    is it real for me?


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