• Hi! Sorry, I had no time at all before and have too little time now. But I hope tomorrow I will have enough.
    About VCNL4200: I have removed "0x80|addr" in last version of my module from r and r2 funtions, but I am not sure I sent it here. But it works with it and without it. While it is better to remove it to comply documentation.

    About readRangeSingleMillimeters/readRangeCont­inuousMillimeters and the original performSingleMeasurement. Yes, I forget to remove one because had both in my test, and had already not enough time. By the way, both functions looks like can not work if switch GPIO to other modes and I even know why (I did not implement setGPIOMode() still and did it by accessing registers using w2(). Moreover, it was my general goal to test effects of GPIO modes).


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