• ...sorry to hear that... but it is for sure a nice experiment to let an Arduino do the bit work and Espruino the byte work. I do not know about the powering... that could be an issue, because the flip dot things are a lot of electromagnetic things (coils) that can 'fire back'

    Regarding the pin for nss, you can pick any that is available and easier in access to you.

    Also note that there was actually something that changed for 1v95 with which I had some glitches when changing pin mode. A good practice is to always intentionally setting the pin mode even though Espruino tries and does it pretty well automatically for you.

    If you take a closer look at my intial and then later code with all this shift out, I had every state in its own timeout to give enough time to let enough energy flow thru. @Gordon then adviced me to just run it all the way thru... to reduce the flicker... This works for electronic devices, such as LEDs, but for sure not for ELECTROMAGNETIC devices, which need a certain pulse width to let enough energy flow. This may be the cause of the irregular flips...

    Sorry not seeing your previous post earlier...


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