• Thanks! I'll look at shifting the address back.

    Using the closure compiler in advanced mode is a nightmare. Honestly I only ever use 'simple optimisations' (even when minifying modules) because it's so painful :)

    Yes, I guess it might be an idea to have the more complex module as a second one given the difference in size is quite large. Do you have any examples of how to use this new module in its
    various different modes?

    Also, do you know what the difference is between readRangeSingleMillimeters/readRangeCont­inuousMillimeters and the original performSingleMeasurement though? As far as I can tell they're basically identical apart from which registers they wait on, and they return the same data?

    There are so many repeated calls of this.w I think we could probably save a lot of program space by replacing them with one call that takes an array - allowing you to save a lot more space in the ESP8266 - but I'd be happy to do that.


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