• Hi!
    I want to make tiny modification of VL53L0X module - add an option that means "address is changed already, use new address but do not send address change command to device" - I try to use few VL53L0X thru I2C address changer and one without changer and the address change command will prefer the last one from correct work.
    The code is easy so I can make the modification in local copy. But my JS skills are not good so I think I can not write well-readable code in JS and Espruino tradition.

    How to write it in good style? Well-designed interface is important in the place.
    May be the option will be useful for other modules as well.

    I am going to modify the module further to add features I need - continuous measurement mode etc. And I think I can put the code somewhere - GitHub branch or even here - and somebody who know JS can modify my code to add good JS style.

    By the way, it seems to me, Mongoose OS Pololu VL53L0 code looks to be better for reverse-engineering then original ST.


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