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  • Yes, iPhone 7, 8, X with iOS11 (released in September 2017) feature a NFC reader API for NDEF records. (No write support and no arbitrary tag type support, just NDEF read.)

    I'd like to have NFCTag.js listed. Should I open a pull request?
    Since NFCTag.js implements write support, it opens up additional possibilities. In theory you could download code to a Puck using NFC...

    I've come up with an additional example:

    var data = new Uint8Array(16+768);
    data.set("\xE1\x11\x60\x00", 0x0C);
    var tag = require("NFCTag").create(data);

    This code creates an empty tag with 768 bytes of writable storage.

    The data can be initialized with an Android App, i.e.Ā­ls?id=com.nxp.nfc.tagwriter


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