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  • After flashing my ESP8266's, I do (ccharacters enclosed in <> are nonprinting chars - that's how hTerm represents them when you copy/paste):

    var wifi = require("Wifi");<\r><\n>
    wifi.connect("TwilightZone", {password: "ThePassword"}, function(err){if(err)console.log(err);el­se console.log("connected!");})<\r><\n>

    Then once it prints connected, I do and power cycle the ESP8266 and see if it has an IP with wifi.getIP().

    Under 1.94 this works on my WeMos D1 Mini.

    Under 1.95 it does not.

    When I give the command to connect, and it triggers the callback, instead of "connected", I get:
    (where <27> is ascii char code 27 aka 0x1B).

    Note the extra CR, non-printing char, open bracket, and capitol J.

    But it gets an IP and seems to work - until power cycle.

    After powercycle, it does not come back, and I cannot connect to that network again (haven't tested other networks) until I reflash the ESP8266.

    Are other people seeing this behavior?


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