• I know that when Espruino is running correctly, I should be able to connect at 115200 baud and after pressing reset, see the Espruino splash screen, and if I don't press reset, sending a few CRLF sequences should generate =undefined in response. Neither of those things happens.

    When I connect at 115200 baud (and every other baud rate setting that hTerm will let me select), I get gibberish (like with a baud rate mismatch) after pressing reset, instead of the Espruino splash screen. Also, if I press enter (after setting the serial terminal application to send a CRLF sequence upon enter, for the terminal programs that need that to be set), I don't get anything back from it at all (not even gibberish).

    I have used hTerm, the Arduino serial monitor, Termite and PuTTY and get the same results on all of them.

    I do not have this issue with an ESP12F on other breakout boards; only on the WeMos D1 Mini. There must be something different about the D1 Mini - I'm just hoping someone knows what it is!

    If not, any suggestions for how to debug this? I'm going crazy, this isn't hard stuff, and I'm sort of embarrassed that I am asking questions like this - I should know better. But I just can't seem to get it sorted, and I don't know what's different that's keeping it from working like it does on my own breakout boards.


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