• while it seems it works good with 1v94. It looks like 1v95 is too big and so writes wifi data to area with its code.

    I have just bought a few ESP8266 boards and try to use them the same way as Puck.js (I have a few)
    If I use 1v94 (for 4 Mb boards), it works.
    If I use 1v95 or latest file in ...../master, it works too but until poweroff. It works also after turned on (not sure about every time), but only if no wifi config is saved.
    If I call wifi.save() my boards stops working after power off, there are many unreadable symbols on COM port, and after reset to boot mode esptool.py verify_flash shows that area of espruino_esp8266_user1 is broken.
    It looks like it writes wifi data to area with code.
    By the way, it is impossible to upgrade 1v94 to 1v95 via WIFI - wiflash.sh says "Error flashing espruino_esp8266_user2.bin: firmware image too large"


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