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  • Dang, thats some good shit!

    So excited to see this; I was just about to go on an Espruino f/w updating binge around my room too, so it's great timing on that front too. One thing though - did you mis-read your calendar? It's the 15th, not the 25th - Christmas isn't for another 10 days...

    Timing is so perfect for the ESP32 setWatch fix (that issue kinda made the ESP32 an incomplete platform) - one of my top priorities tonight is/was to load something onto an ESP32 on my new prototyping breakout board and make sure I didn't botch anything so I can put them up for sale.

    What was the issue with the spikes while changing pin state?

    Add E.errorFlag event to allow JS to respond to internal errors - does this mean that we could, say, react to these internal errors by rebooting the Espruino with load()? If so, that's a great way to proof it against jsvar leaks and the like.

    How does unsyncFiles work? If we're not syncing it to the SD card after each write, how and when does it decide to actually sync the file to the SD card?

    Now, does anyone know where I can download a wetware update to add support for writing regex's? I've always found regex's very hard to write... ;-)


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