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  • Wow, that's actually some pretty convincing photoshopping :)

    The buttons are there precisely because there's space needed for the ribbon cable from the LCD, and I thought I could fill the gap on either side with something. Because I'm using the Arduino footprint I don't have space to move the LCD up (or flip it around) either, so I don't think there's really a way around having a gap there (I also don't have any spare IOs!).

    I probably won't actually pre-install the buttons (because of the cost involved in doing a two-sided board) and would just put two sideways facing buttons on the back of the board - but at least they're there if anyone wants them.

    What are everyone's thoughts about pre-installing the Arduino headers? It makes the whole thing more plug and play and beginner friendly, but adds to the cost and makes the whole device thicker than it would otherwise have been.


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