• Thank you @Gordon for understanding. Like i said in my previous message, our goal is to personalis the user’s BT for an instore customer recognition and seamless service. Just like the old tv show called CHEERS (you go where everybody knows your name) but with tap on your Bluetooth, Hello Gordon welcome back to XYZ store/airport/office/healthcare/ & etc. about the web Bluetooth’s limited features/issues, I hope we find a solution soon or perhaps add web socket for device registration and then hopefully get @daphtdazz’s WebBle to detect and display nearby registered devices. I’d love to work with you and @daphtdazz if possible and find a solution together... we truely want to take the web Bluetooth feature to a whole different level but opportunities are quite limited in Australia just like the re pairing issues hahaha. Thank you, your feedback much appreciated.


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