• WebBLE on iOS does not pass true device IDs up to the web page, and instead passes random UUIDs to the web page. @Isaac.s is there a particular section of the bluetooth spec that you want implemented that we haven't already? If it's in the spec, then I'd be open to implementing it in WebBLE.

  • @Gordon and @daphtdazz, Mine apologies for the late response, I’m not a tech savvy company director but waiting for my project manager to give more detailed info for your question. In simple terms, as a user i want a retailer’s pos tablet (eg using WebBle app) to detect my active BLE device and display associated info like my image, name and coupon/loyalty points. Our patented data communication would not require a Bluetooth pairing between my phone and the retailer’s pos tablet. It’s just detecting pre registered and BLE devices with associated info only. The customer’s unique device ID will not be disclosed to any retailer’s inventory back-end system or hardware. What i truely want to achieve is... Instead of IOT let’s think of IOC (internet of customers) and replace QR codes, retail mobile apps into a simple personalised instore service using or one tap on my BLE. So back to my original question, the sign up process is great with web Bluetooth at desktop version (to access and register my device id to retailer’s website) but not sure if the sign up would be simple from mobile version (to register my Ble Device ID).


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