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  • :) we'll see how things go - I have been talking with some folks at Nordic so it's possible the Thingy will get proper Espruino support - which would tick off some of your requests.

    After the success of the badge I'm also looking at making an LCD Espruino using a 128x64 black and white LCD. It's not quite your 320x240, but it's miles more power efficient. As it's bigger there should be enough space for it to have some standard module format too.

    You can actually shove WiFi on a Puck.js right now (or GSM), but the wiring is a bit of a faff :)

    Has anyone come across a common pinout for small boards? It might be more sensible to use that for the BLE board than to use the current one that's about the same as the WiFi/Pico (but inbetween width-wise). The feather seems a bit big (and is Adafruit-specific). What about Arduino Nano or something like that?


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