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  • @PaddeK @tbd are you guys actually on Patreon? I don't seem to have your emails listed.

    The issue with switching to different chips is really software support. ST have done some work on the STM32L4 chips so it might not be too bad, but it's still another codebase I have to support. I'm also not sure people are really after significantly better power consumption that something like the Pico gives? It's definitely not something I've heard anyone (apart from you just now) complain about?

    Also, the price is quite a big deal - they'll probably cost me around double what the nRF52 does once you take the crystal into account - and for that I also get Bluetooth.

    The Renesas doesn't seem to have much RAM? It looks like the existing nRF52 compares pretty well really (5.3 mA in TX), and I'm sure the nRF52840 will be better - it doesn't seem worth all the effort porting to a completely new platform just for 20% better consumption.


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