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  • Hi! There are two types of RFID sensor that have some example code to make them work with Espruino right now:

    They only read the card's unique ID, but if needed let me know and I could extend them to read full RFID data.

    One is SPI, and one is I2C (requiring less wires) - and on Puck.js any peripheral can be on any pin, so you literally just have to wire it up to any free IO pins and you're sorted.

    For power - yes, you can power Puck.js from its 3V pin. You just need a voltage between around 2V and 3.6v. Sadly that's not quite high enough to allow you to run it from a LiPo battery (but then the RFID sensor wouldn't have liked that anyway), so you'll probably want to use some kind of 3.3v voltage regulator/power supply - they're easy enough to get hold of but ask if you need some advice there.

    In fact, realistically while the voltage to an RFID reader is correct, I think you'll struggle getting enough power out of the CR2032 battery in the puck to power the reader, so you'll probably want an external power supply anyway.

    For the Phone->webserver thing, the simplest method would be to do something using Web Bluetooth:­etooth

    However as another simple, no-setup multiplatform option you could actually make Puck.js act like a Keyboard (­d) and 'type' the data it received.


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