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  • Thanks! Looks like a neat idea. The MDBT42s are ~0.7mm spacing compared to that 1.27mm spacing though, so it could be a bit painful to make it work. It wouldn't be so difficult since only 4 pins are needed, but the two SWD pins are right next to each other!

    The current method I have does work fine though, and with minor tinkering (adjusting the angle of the two Pogo pins) would be really easy to use - so there isn't a huge rush to get something better.

    Also, it looks like if I place an order for 100 or more modules I can get Raytac to program them, which realistically is going to end up being quite a bit cheaper. It's really just making sure I'm not stuck with a bunch of modules with out of date firmware - but I'd have thought finding 50 people to buy 2 or more modules wouldn't be too difficult.


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