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  • In terms of timing, I'd like something that doesn't interfere with work during the week. Espruino and electronics are my hobby, not my job, so I feel guilty taking time away from work to participate in a video chat, and if there's a meeting for the day job then, that has to take priority. . I'm not sure if others feel the same way; If not, I'm wondering how people manage to make that work out.

    It would work a lot better for the hobbyists - IMO - if you were to do like 1600GMT on a saturday or sunday... which I of course realize is a less convenient day for you, since this is a job for you...

    I'm interested in Alexa integration too, actually. I think integration with smart home voice controllers is kind of a big deal for people (I may be wrong, ofc - it happens occasionally), as that's something that can provide a whole other level of responsiveness and better integrate these smart objects with the rest of our lives. I've got a solution for alexa control currently, but it is hardly the most graceful solution!

    What was the turnout like last time?


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