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  • @tom.gidden that's a thought - I hadn't seen things like that before - they're using a slot in the PCB itself as a guide aren't they? Looks neat - I think the pin spacing is different as well, but with a bit of careful cutting I might be able to get it to fit as you say!

  • Yeah. The springy pin goes through a slot, then loops back and goes through-hole to solder on the other side. The kink in the pin just before it goes through the slot keeps the ESP32 board itself pulled against the base-board. It's 0.05" pitch as far as I can see, but obv. a different number of pins.

    It's silk-screened to hell and back, so I can't see what the connections to the other gubbins on the board are, but some Stanley-knifing with extreme prejudice should work. Anyway, it wasn't expensive. I seem to remember mine came over on the slow boat from Shenzen, though.

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