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  • The only real breakout board I have at the moment is actually what kicked off this thread (the start of the video shows the board layout). It's just the module, with an (optional) voltage regulator if you're going above 3.6v input - then the end of it shares the same pinout as the FTDI cable if you want to program it serially rather than via bluetooth.

    Some simple layouts might be:

    • Arduino footprint
    • Arduino Atmega328p footprint
    • Pi Zero W footprint (there are quite a few 'hat's out there now)
    • Plant moisture sensor
    • BME680/etc sensor board
    • LCD/ePaper display - although some of those are (IMO) too difficult for most people to hand solder so I'd have to be careful
    • Adafruit Feather footprint
    • Adafruit Trinket
    • micro:bit clone

    But obviously there's a balance between offering stuff people are interested in, and actually getting something out there ASAP :)


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