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  • @jonreid Great! So you'd be interested in something on a 0.1" pitch (rather than just a pre-programmed MDBT42Q module).

    I think you'd be fine on code-size. Not having nRF24 or EEPROM code will save some space, and there's still some space free to increase the variable count on nRF52 substantially as both it and the Pico have 64k RAM. Hopefully 1v95 will have that increased.

    Does Espruino support using the nrf52 flash for writing general logging data ? I know that its endurance is only 10000 writes but there is lots of it

    It does, yes - using the standard Espruino Flash module. There's about 60k free by the look of it.

    Actually the Pico has an undocumented 128kB (!) page right at the end of memory that you could look at using instead of EEPROM if you needed?


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