• I have tried the IR receive stuff with the d1 mini (esp8266) and if my math is correct I am getting codes sometimes as long as 50ms. So if I wanted to simply retransmit using the tight loop digitalPulse() esp8266 port sw implementation it would take too long and the watchdog would reset the board before finishing. So your option 2 from above @Gordon doesn't seem feasible. Am I missing something there?

    On the other hand @Gordon's https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/iss­ues/1175#issuecomment-318593010 comment gives hope in avoiding to go with some sort of ne555-based 38kHz oscillator or something. I wouldn't really think of it if it were just for the IR emission but it sounds like using the timer handling present in custom pwm code would make the esp8266 port way more usable compared to the current state. I personally would be very interested but I guess lack knowledge and instrumentation. Perhaps somebody could give it a shot? @Gordon?


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