• Hi,

    We wish to now get involved in what seems to be an extremely good way of "Advertising Products/Events etc etc" using Beacons.

    We have bought http://beacon.ph and are now developing the web site and the Beacon PaD. However before we start activity marketing our company Beacon.ph and buying the 100's and long term 1000's of Beacons (Of which we have not yet decided which is the best Beacon for what we want to do) I have the following questions, of which I hope the Puck JS can do the best job at doing.

    1) The Puck JS Beacon's short URL advertising signal can it be triggered On/Off by an external sensor, such as a motion sensor, proximity sensor etc etc. If so how hard will it be to write the code for it?

    Answer Please:

    2) Can the Beacon's short URL advertising message be updated/changed via web site anywhere in the world at anytime etc, or do we need to bring the Puck JS back to the office to change the message each time/day etc. Can an end user also change it if they want very easily via the web or an App for example?

    Answer Please:

    3) Can we give to customers who rent/buy our Beacons stats back showing them how well or how bad their Beacon advertising message is working? i.e the interaction that a customer has once the Beacon is within range, number of clicks on their message etc etc, this is very important to customers to know. i.e Analytics Platform?

    Please Answer:

    Many thanks - Jonathan