• There is 2 ic 74hc238 who are decoding a 3bit adress and convert to 8bits for the shift register 74hc595 (i suppose) for l293d
    I do not have direct access to shift register.
    But perhaps i'm wrong on the way that's works.
    Or in a different way.
    The 595 is a stronger version of standard shift register...

    Here the git page of the project (lib and diagramm)

    In the arduino lib, the latch time is 500 microseconds.
    I've tried with more time but no better results...

    An other question who is alway confuse me on the espruino.
    I want to use the usb for debugging purpose,
    The display is powered in 12v and convert a line to 5v to power the mcu.
    i need to power the espruino from this line.
    On which pin do i need to clip the power (i'm not soldering at the moment)
    On the pin near the gnd one or the next pin (third) or on the ViN pin?
    I'm sad cause i've burned two display with an incorrect power connection when changing clip position from the mcu.


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