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  • That's a good idea actually - Adafruit have tended not to go for initial orders of my stuff much past 50 boards if I recall, but I might be able to get a few more companies to do something similar. It could be a good way of getting started without all the stress of a KickStarter.

    It still brings up the stock issue - even if I get enough for an initial batch, at some point I'll still have to fork out for another 1000 or so, but at least it gets me started.

    I guess another option is to rebrand someone else's board. If one of the sellers on Alibaba/similar did a decent 0.1" pitch nRF52 board then I could just buy those and flash them with the Espruino bootloader and firmware.

    I'd considered this with the nRF5x based smartwatches, but I believe the minimum order they gave me for custom firmware was 5000, which is a bit past what I could manage!


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