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  • Well spotted! It's a prototype I've been experimenting with - sans penguin.

    Is there interest in that kind of thing? nRF52 with a voltage regulator on a 0.1" board.

    There were a few requests when Puck.js was released, but nothing recently.

    At the moment the thing that's stopping me diving ahead with it is I'm in two minds about the manufacturing. I keep trying to make the boards easier to manufacture but Seeed have been getting progressively more expensive.

    This board in particular is ridiculously simple, and I'm considering just trying to make small batches up myself - and if the sales do well enough, hire someone for it. It'd be nice to offer a wider range of Espruino devices (for instance one with an LCD/OLED), but I just can't afford to order 1500 each of all of them, which is what I often need to make something viable with a contract manufacturer. It feels like the solution is to make the boards locally in smaller quantities.

    Otherwise another option is for me to sell all the parts in an unsoldered kit - but the pitch on the nRF52 module is fine enough that I think it could be tricky for a lot of people... You really need a temperature controlled hot air gun to do it nicely.


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