• My Goal is to be able to use the ESP32 to serve a React.js or Vue.js single page app. Then use WS to communicate to back to the ESP32. The SPA file will eventually be over 2 Megs. But for now I just want to serve a html file out of the flash file system using the FAT protocol.

    When trying to use example code from the espruin0.com/ESP32 page, none of the following works as is shown in the example.

    console.log(require( "Flash").getFree());
    var fs = require("fs");
    if ( typeof(fs.readdirSync()) === 'undefined' ) {

    console.log('Formatting FS');
    E.flashFatFS({ format: true });

    fs.writeFileSync("hello.txt", "Hello World");
    console.log(fs.readFileSync("hello.txt")­); // prints "Hello World"
    fs.appendFileSync("hello.txt", "!!!");
    console.log(fs.readFileSync("hello.txt")­); // prints "Hello World!!!"

    The results I get are:
    For the "console.log(require( "Flash").getFree());" command:

    { "addr": 1114112, "length": 3080191 }
    For the rest of the code:
    Uncaught Error: Unable to mount media : NO_FILESYSTEM
    at line 6 col 28
    if ( typeof(fs.readdirSync()) === 'undefined' ) {

    I am relatively new so there is a strong chance I am doing something wrong.


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