• 250ms seems to work. I've also eliminated a lot of the problems by encapsulating the entire program within function init() { so variables are local and aren't preserved. Also, by NRF.removeAllListeners(), E.removeAllListeners(), clearWatch().

    When I use serial, it tends to behave a little differently on the BLE side, and since serial will suck the battery dry -- I've used up two CR2032s this afternoon alone! Thank IKEA and Lidl for cheap cells -- it's not much use for the original purpose of testing power consumption. Saying that, the new firmware has seemed to stop the 3mA current draw when sleeping.

    I'm having to unpair/pair the device on the iPad to get it to properly act, sometimes.

    I've updated the Gist above with my current code, if interested. I'm going to try it out properly tonight.


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