• As far as I understand it, HID works a bit like this:

    • Device wakes, starts advertising
    • PC/Mac sees it some time after
    • PC/Mac connects
    • It requests a list of services
    • It does interesting things with those services and remembers stuff about them
    • It requests to be notified to some of them

    That all takes a bunch of time though, so even if you get the connected event I guess the HID might not have been initialised enough that a call to the NRF HID function would actually work.

    What happens if you leave a reasonable delay (5 seconds?) between connecting and trying to send any HID packets?

    Also, when you're getting that error, is your Mac actually showing the device as a HID device? Or does it show it as a normal serial device?

    Are you calling setServices or setAdvertising more than once at all? I guess that could mess things up too - if the services change then the CCCD numbers might change, and that could confuse the computer.


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