• @Fran├žois do you have any ideas? I thought that issue with the device not being recognized by the service UUIDs got fixed a while ago.

    It'd be easy enough to test using a Puck or nRF52DK by using:

    NRF.setAdvertising({},{name:"ruuviTag 38ad"});

    and trying to reconnect.

    @user78109 please could you connect on your phone and upload the following:

    NRF.setAdvertising({},{name:"Espruino ruuvi"});

    And see if that allows your Mac to connect? If so, I can add ruuviTag to the IDE's list of device names to fix it for now.

    Also, just to check: You did disconnect from your phone before trying to connect with the Mac? It won't be visible to any other devices if it's already connected.


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