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  • Hi,
    I'm making a home automation project for my dorm room
    and I think espruino would be a good choice. i want wifi, so I want to install Espruino on the Adafruit feather esp32.
    Will wifi work on this board? On the ESP32 page on the website, it says this:

    Limitations / Work in Progress

    Supported by Espruino on the ESP32:

    hardware SPI
    hardware I2C
    The not supported by Espruino on the ESP32 (yet):

    No Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates.
    Bluetooth and BLE

    It doesn't say that Wifi doesn't work on the esp32 port of espruino, but it also doesn
    t say that it works. I'm kidna confused.

    so, does Wifi work on the esp32 port of espruino?