• Thanks… that does seem better as far as the ERROR 0x8 fatal crashes are concerned. I'm still having trouble with a lot of BLE error 13313s, though... looks like my services are getting munged, or something like that.

    I'm not really too sure about the order of execution here, and what's necessary in what order; such as whether NRF.setAdvertising() needs to be called after an NRF.wake(), whether NRF.setServices() needs to be called after a NRF.setAdvertising(). A simple test rig seems to work fine, but as soon as I start introducing a) HID and b) NRF.sleep/wake, it all starts going horribly wrong.

    I expect this would be easier if I wasn't trying to do HID and UART through Web Bluetooth (which is hinky at the best of times) but finding a USB-to-Serial or rigging a Pico to do the same job and then trying to connect to the Puck non-destructively is a big PITA. I'm also suspicious of connecting to Espruinos via serial because whenever I've tried the different redirection of the console seems to change behaviour subtly.

    Anyhoo. I'll soldier on. Thanks


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